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If you imagine white sand, lapping waves and a light sea breeze at the word "beach", then be ready for the fact that Pia beach will turn upside down the stereotypes that have developed in your head. Expect to see black volcanic sand, rumbling waves and majestic cliffs covered in dense green subtropical forests. It's a 40-minute drive from Auckland on the West coast of Northland.

Beach description

The wonder of this beach, which amazes everyone, is the black sand. It is worth coming here already at least for the sake of picturesque photos, even if you don't have a chance to swim. The fact is that swimming here is a certain danger for several reasons:

  • firstly, a rocky bottom on which you can get hurt;
  • secondly, strong currents that can "tighten";
  • and thirdly, high and powerful waves that are so favorable for surfing and are not so favorable for ordinary swimming.

Magnificent views open from the top of the Lion rock, located in the center of the beach. You have to spend about 15 minutes to clime to the top. Take care of comfortable shoes - without it, the rise will be difficult.

Pia Beach is especially loved by surfers. They make up the main percentage of visitors to this coast. If you plan to come here for the whole day-a rest with children is unlikely to be comfortable.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to travel to New Zealand is December-January, the local summer. Despite the warming, the temperature rarely exceeds 30 degrees, so relaxing on the beach here is very comfortable.

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This is a wild beach, so it is better to take an umbrella, as on a hot day you will have nowhere to hide from the sun. But despite the fact that there is no rental of beach equipment on the beach, nevertheless Piha offers its guests a snack in a local shop, drinking delicious coffee and fortified with hearty cakes. If you want to have a good lunch, you have to go to the village of the same name. Here you can order fish and chips, burgers and seafood in local cafes and restaurants.

To spend the night within walking distance of the beach at the mini-hotel A Beach House at Piha. If you want more luxurious accommodation in cozy rooms-go to Heritage Collection Waitakere Estate.

There are several surf clubs on the territory of Pia, where you can sign up for a training course of surfing with an instructor.

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Useful information

  1. As the sand is black-it always (even in windy weather) heats up quickly, so take your shoes, otherwise you will burn your feet!
  2. If you are on the beach, don't be lazy to take a leisurely walk for about 20 minutes to climb the Waitakere ridges. Here you will find an impressive three-level waterfall Kitekite, where you can even swim. Be ready that the water will be quite cool, but the massive trees that protect from the wind and the warming sun will correct the situation.
  3. During the beach season, lifeguards and surf instructors are on duty at the beach, but this should not lull your vigilance. Your safety on the water depends primarily on you.

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