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Crane Beach (Crane Beach) is a picturesque beach located in the bay on the southeastern edge of the easternmost district of Barbados St. Philip. Its name is related with the era of British rule here, when cargo ships entered the harbor, and on the highest coastal cliff there was a crane for unloading and loading. Now this long beach is better known as one of the most beautiful places for a beach holiday in Barbados. He also constantly falls into the top ten most beautiful coasts in the world.

Beach description

Crane Beach is a long and wide sandy beach with very soft light sand, which has an amazing pink hue and looks like powder. The surrounding landscapes give it a special attractiveness - a strongly rugged coastline with limestone cliffs framed by dense tropical greenery of coconut palms. Not surprisingly, that due to such fascinating views, it is considered to be the most picturesque beach not only in Barbados, but also on the entire Caribbean coastline.

Crane Beach is ideal for both a calm rest on the coastline, and for active leisure in large lengths of seas.

It is visited by:

  • merried couples, to enjoy a relaxing rest in the shade of palm trees and organize picnics on the coastline;
  • celebrities to escape the bustle and enjoy relative solitude in the luxury resort of Carib;
  • lovers to conquer the wave (in particular, surfers and lovers of boogie boarding)

For the last category of vacationers there are several leisure options on this beach. Here both medium waves and waves of significant heights are formed. Closer to the coast on the left side of the beach is the safest for swimming and boogie boarding. On the right side of the coastline, waves are usually more powerful, attracting surfers.

At a considerable distance from the coastline, the waves are the strongest, which attracts professionals here. The coastal water, that surround the coral reef, creating a natural harbor, safe for swimming, are most suitable for swimming. But here there is the need for looking after the children, and with the kids it is better to choose a different place to rest.

Although it is a public beach, most vacationers on it are guests of the prestigious Crane Resort hotel, which is located on the rocks on one of the outskirts of the coastline. Also judges of surfing come here. In general, with all the attractiveness of the beach, its coastline is usually rarely very crowded.

When is the best time to go?

In Barbados island, the temperature is hot all year round, so the only thing that can ruin your vacation experience is the rainy season in summer. Any other period, the weather in Barbados is sunny and comfortable for all ages.

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Most convenient to stay in Crane Residential Resort. It is the oldest resort hotel in Barbados. It was built in 1867 and was originally called Marine Villa Mansion. The hotel’s remote location has always attracted celebrities. On its territory are tennis courts and swimming pools built into natural cliffs.

  • Vacationers on the beach can rent parasols and sun loungers. For hotel guests, these same comfort attributes as well as towels are provided free of charge.
  • On the beach, showers and toilets function in season, and the beach is controlled by patrolmen and lifeguards. Please keep in mind that lifeguards may not always work, therefore, vacationers themselves should not forget about safety and do not swim too far.
  • On the beach there are picnic tables, as well as a kiosk with drinks and various goods. Rent of bicycles is available for exploring the area. However, there is no rent of surfboards even in the hotel, so to conquer the waves you should come here with your equipment.

On the beach there are a couple of restaurants with wonderful views of the surrounding beach. Near the Crane Resort there is an excellent cafe where you can not only have a tasty meal, but even order food delivery directly to the beach.

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Useful information

  1. From Grantley Adams Airport to the beach, just 6 minutes east by car. The public entrance to Crane Beach is located at the end of a long narrow path in the southern part of the beach. There is also parking. Then a small area on the stones you need to walk to the coast.
  2. On the northern outskirts, near the hotel there is an option of access to the beach via a staircase (about a hundred steps). Guests at the Crane Resort can also use the glass cable car to go ashore - the only one of its kind on the entire Caribbean coast. 
  3. The beach is constantly accessible, from morning to sunset. But after sunset, access to the coast is closed, and the funicular stops its work. This is done for the safety of vacationers - after all, the terrain is rocky, and the waters are not too calm.
  4. It is not recommended to jump from coastal cliffs to the sea, since it is difficult to find a good place for jumping, and you cannot predict the presence of underwater rocks and the strength of underwater currents. It is also forbidden to swim in the sea if a red flag develops on the coast.
  5. Near the hotel you can visit Crane Village - an extensive reconstruction of a traditional Barbados town. By car, you can reach neighboring beaches - Ginger Bay (in the north) and Fall Bay (in the south).

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