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Sandy Lane Bay is an incredibly picturesque and popular place in Barbados, which is often called the Platinum Coast. The natural beauty of the beach is complemented by comfortable conditions for recreation and water sports, which attracts tourists and local residents. But not only this factor became decisive in the popularity of the coast. Sandy Lane is often visited by world-class celebrities, so many vacationers choose this beach to replenish their collection of autographs and photos with celebrities.

Beach description

Sandy Lane is situated on the west coast of Barbados in one of 11 parishes of Saint james island, by the Caribbean Sea shore. This beach is situated in a cozy bay, so waves in this part of the island are mostly calm and tender, and weak underwater currents are typical several meters away from the coastline. In order to get to the beach, you can use public transport going from Holetown.

Sandy lane is a beautiful, long and wide beach covered with soft golden sand. The beach is surrounded with luxuriant vegetation of tall tropical trees. It should be noted that Sandy lane is always perfectly clean. Water on this beach is transparent, with magical turquoise shade and weak salty scent. The sea entry is slightly sloping and safe even for children. Although Sandy Lane is mostly selected for recreation by young people. On working days, the beach is mostly desert, and on weekends, there are already much more visitors, however, this place is never overcrowded.

Very often, Sandy lane is called a paradise place. For, in spite of the resort development, nature remains beautiful and neat for many years. At sunset, the beach has the special aura. The sea plays with sunrays hiding behind the horizon, and millions of stars appear in the skies/ At such moments, power and energy of nature is felt, able to charge anyone who is looking at this.

When is the best time to go?

In Barbados island, the temperature is hot all year round, so the only thing that can ruin your vacation experience is the rainy season in summer. Any other period, the weather in Barbados is sunny and comfortable for all ages.

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In Barbados, the name Sandy Lane is synonymous with luxury, because the beach is adjacent to the island’s best five-star hotel Sandy Lane Hotel Resort, that began their history in 1933. This place is often chosen by celebrities, businessmen and for many years it has been a favorite hotel of the royal family. Sandy Lane Hotel Resort offers not only a paradise beach vacation, but also magnificent rooms, villas, golf courses, SPA centers, gyms, restaurants, etc.

Since all beaches are public in Barbados, admission is not charged. For vacationers, umbrellas, chairs and deck chairs are available for rent. In addition, water sports are available on Sandy Lane:

  • Water skiing;
  • Diving, snorkeling;
  • Sea fishing;
  • Boating;
  • Jet ski, etc

On the beach, they provide proper care for safety in the water, so the swimming area is separated from the active leisure area by orange buoys.

There is also a hotel bar with soft drinks on the beach. The nearest cafes and restaurants are located in the neighboring town of Holtown.

Picnics are also popular at Sandy Lane, products for which you can buy at a beachfront mall.

Weather in Sandy Lane

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Useful information

Sandy Lane Beach, although public, can only be accessed from the south.

In high season, the beach may be crowded due to the influx of "autograph hunters". It was during this period that Sandy Lane was visited by famous movie actors, musicians, athletes, etc. They happily communicate with fans, but prefer to go unnoticed, wanting a break from attention.

One of the most popular events in Barbados that should be toted from July to October is the nesting of Hawksbill turtles, who prefer Sandy Lane Beach for this. Besides the fact that you can observe amazing marine inhabitants, they are not at all timid and are not afraid to swim next to people.

It is also worth saying that the most popular souvenir from Barbados is the dishes offered in many shops and workshops of the island, where they can even show the process of its production. Ceramics on the island has a beautiful and unique design.

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