Aci Castello beach

Volcanic beauty

Aci Castello – a popular place among tourists who came to rest in Sicily. The beach of Aci Castello is of volcanic origin. Developed infrastructure, picturesque surroundings, citrus trees, palm trees, unique attractions. The place is popular with families with children as well as active youth. The promenade is replete with a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Beach description

The main highlight of the provincial town is the Norman Castle and the rocky beach. The castle was built back in 1076, and served for some time as a defensive fortress. Aci Castello Beach is a place of unique beauty. Only for the picturesque surroundings and the clear sea it can surely be rewarded with the "Blue Flag" award. The coast stretches for 600 meters, there are comfortable platforms for swimming and relaxing.

Paid beach amenities:

  • parasols;
  • lawn chairs;
  • comfortable and secluded bungalows;
  • convenient descents to the water.

But if you don’t want to pay, you can sit on the stones, you only have to grab a mattress or towel. The entire coast of the beach is strewn with large and small boulders. In order to not get hurt and not slip on the rocks, tourists are advised to wear comfortable shoes to enter the sea. There are special bridges on the beach along which you can go down into the water if you do not want to walk on stones. Paid platforms for tourists are equipped with special slopes, diving boards for diving.

The water here is crystal clear, and it has a delicate, azure hue near the Norman Castle. It is shallow near the shore, you can swim with children. There is an opportunity to dive and go down to the bottom with scuba diving. The underwater world of Aci Castello is diverse and unique in its own way. Despite the lack of sand on the beach, it is always crowded. Italians, like foreigners, love to swim in any conditions, because the main thing is not sand on the beach, a significant amount of amazing views that are present here. Huge boulders rising from the depths of the sea amaze with their grandeur.

You can get to the beach by bus from Achi-Trezza. You will have to go for just a couple of stops or walk along the promenade on foot. The second option is more interesting, because you can look into the old Norman castle. There is a museum inside, among the exhibits there are paintings, volcanic rocks generously donated by Etna, ancient jugs and dishes. Stunning panoramic views of the rocky coast and surroundings open up at the top of the castle. The observation deck has a small garden with flowers and exotic cacti.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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On the coast there are a lot of hotels with their own beach, a full package of services, comfortable rooms. When you get tired of wandering around the city or basking in the rocks, you can have a great time by the pool or on the hotel terrace.

Top Four Hotels in Aci Castello:

  1. Terrazza Pavone - comfortable appartaments. There is free internet for guests, a terrace, rooms are equipped with everything necessary. Breakfast includes Italian dishes. Bike rental is available. The airport is only 9 kilometers away.
  2. B&B I Faraglioni di Villa Jole - luxury hotel. There are spa services, comfortable rooms equipped for guests, free internet, the ability to order a transfer. It has its own restaurant.
  3. President Park Hotel - has its own swimming pool, restaurant and spa. If you wish, they can organize fishing or diving for you.
  4. Bed and Breakfast Castello - small hotel on the coast. Comfortable living environment.

There are large number of cafes and restaurants on the coast. Most of them work from morning to evening, but during the siesta, venues close at 13:00. The main menu is fresh fish and seafood, which are supplied by local fishermen. In addition to fish dishes, you can taste meat, pizza and pasta.

On the beach you can rent a bicycle, boat for a boat trip around the cliffs or a kayak.

Weather in Aci Castello

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Ciclope Resort
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President Park Hotel
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Grand Hotel Faraglioni
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Useful information

Achi-Castello beach is a crowded place, ideal for relaxation with a noisy company. Here you can dive, kayak, sail, go fishing and explore the underwater world. Despite the rocky coast, there is a clear sea and impressive waves, which is attractive for surfers. Families with children are resting on paid platforms equipped by local hotels. Despite the shallow water, children are not very comfortable on a rocky beach. But there is entertainment in the hotel or in the city just for them: a trip to the castle, fun water rides on site, delicious pizza at local cafes.

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