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Carratoys Beach is a place, where it is possible to meet rich and famous citizens, who can afford a chic rest with maximum facilities.

Beach description

Carratois is located near the mini-town of Portopalo di Capopassero. There is healing white clay here, so many people come here not just to rest, but also to improve their health, renew youth, taken useful cosmetic procedures. Public transport does not go here, so it is possible to get to the beach only by car. The road is well hidden from strangers among an abandoned place with old ruins.

The beach itself is well-equipped and beautiful. It contains several areas and all are paid. Soft sand, a gradual entry into the pure, clear blue sea, reflecting the sky, perfect cleanliness around - all this makes the beach a truly aristocratic place to rest. A well-known fact, that it is often visited by Giorgio Armani himself, a famous fashion designer.

The town of Portopallo di Capopassero, where the beach is located, is a picturesque place with provincial traditions, pleasant white houses, chic scenery and huge cliffs. It is possible to come here and enjoy exotic nature, and do not forget to visit a local sight - Tafuri Castle with a characteristic turret-roof, which towers above the miniature houses and is a chic example of ancient culture.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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