Calo Des Mort beach

Calo Des Mort is a pearl of the southern part of Formentera Island that's worth paying attention to for the unspoiled corners of the Mediterranean.

Beach description

The narrow sandy strip of this wild beach is gracefully curved in the form of a crescent and protected from the winds by picturesque cliffs. Crystal clear waters carefully wash the gentle shores. The shallow and soft sandy bottom of the bay seems to be created for carefree swimming.

Two wooden huts used by fishermen to store their fishing gear give the beach landscape its own identity. From each of them, handmade scaffoldings descend to the sea, making it easy to launch small boats. Holidaymakers can also participate in fishing or boat trips along the coast.

The only problem for tourists is the small size of this paradise corner, which becomes even less accessible during the high tide. Therefore, visitors to Calo Des Mort prefer to spend time there in the early morning hours and refrain from visiting this beach in the high season. Among them there are many nudists who choose to relax in the secluded areas of Formentera, far from the eyes of strangers. Those who wish to stay here for a few days can stay at a hotel, which is within walking distance from the sea.

When is it better to go

The beach season on the coast of Spain falls on the period from May to October. The water and air temperature reaches the most comfortable levels, thereby guaranteeing tourists a perfect vacation. 

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RIU La Mola
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Hotel & Spa Entre Pinos
rating 9.3
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Es Pas Formentera Agroturismo
rating 9.3
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