Cala en Forcat beach

Resort for the whole family

The Cala en Forcat Beach is a perfect place for a family vacation. The calm water, bright sun and small amount of people make for a perfect time at the beach. There are no waves in the secluded bay even during windy weather.

Beach description

The beach is located 7 km away from Ciutadella. You can get to the secluded bay, surrounded by small rock fragments, by car or public transport. A parking lot is situated near the beach.

The main feature of the beach is its miniature size: its length is just 13 meters, and its width is 25 meters. The sandy coastline with a smooth descent into crystal clear and calm sea is surrounded by short picturesque mountains. If you intend to come here with a whole family, don't leave your children unsupervised. A rental store with umbrellas and sunbeds operates on the beach. You can also rent a boat or a yacht. Mooring your water vehicle in the bay is possible.

When is it better to go

The beach season on the coast of Spain falls on the period from May to October. The water and air temperature reaches the most comfortable levels, thereby guaranteeing tourists a perfect vacation. 

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Many stores and souvenir shops are located within walking distance, but if you want to save your money on food, it's recommended to go to Ciutadella, as the prices in coastal shops, restaurants and cafes are very high. The old city will greet you with beautiful panoramas full of architectural sights.

Many hotels operate around the beach, with the most popular of them being:

Tourists who came to admire the local beauty can also rent a villa.

A rental store with umbrellas and sunbeds is located on the territory. You can also rent a boat or a yacht. Mooring your water vehicle in the bay is possible.

Weather in Cala en Forcat

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Useful information

It's important to note: when going to the beach, don't forget to wear comfortable shoes, as making your way down the stone pathways covered in scarce greenery while wearing beach slippers will be very uncomfortable.

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