Cala Tortuga beach

Cala Tortuga beach is located in the eastern part of the island, directly on the territory of Albufera Park, which is home to many rare species of amphibians and birds. You can get to the beach by car, but you will have to walk from the highway to the coastal line parking the car in the nearest parking lot. A walk to the coast will take about 40 minutes.

Beach description

Cala Tortuga beach is a little visited beach with a gentle sandy coast. The territory was chosen by nudists and lovers of swimming alone. There is practically no wind in the bay overlooking the open sea. Waves are always medium.

Due to the remoteness from civilization, infrastructure in the coastal zone is absent. There are no hotels or catering facilities nearby. However, despite the small attendance on the shore, you can periodically meet sellers selling soft drinks.

To see the architectural and historical sights, you will have to get to the nearest municipalities, where you can have a dinner substantially in cozy restaurants after a walk along the old streets.

When is it better to go

The beach season on the coast of Spain falls on the period from May to October. The water and air temperature reaches the most comfortable levels, thereby guaranteeing tourists a perfect vacation. 

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