Son Saura beach

Son Saura beach is located 12 km from the city of Ciutadella in the western part of the island.

Beach description

The advantages of this virgin beach are its large size (the length of the territory is 310 metres), a slope of fine white sand, a pine forest growing near the coast, a gentle slope into the sea, shallow water and a sandy bottom and beautiful nature. Here families with children prefer to relax. It is also a great place for lovers of water sports.

The beach does not offer any services to tourists, therefore, going to the holiday, you need to take care of food and drink for the whole day. The bay overlooks the high seas. It is not recommended anchoring of ships. Near the entrance to the sea, in the left zone of the bay there are rocks under water.

The road to Son Saura beach is easy to get on the road following the road signs. On the road there are many turns on the village roads, so you should be careful not to miss the right one. A car in the vicinity of the beach can be parked for free. As an option, you can use the services of secure parking.

When is it better to go

The beach season on the coast of Spain falls on the period from May to October. The water and air temperature reaches the most comfortable levels, thereby guaranteeing tourists a perfect vacation. 

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