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Bailan Beach is a quiet harbor

In those days, when there were no tourists on Koh Chang, the island was mainly populated by Thai farmers. The inheritance of land within the family conducted according to patriarchal orders: sons got fertile land on the inner part of the island, while the rest of the children, who were not lucky to be born girls, were forced to be content with scanty sand strips by the sea, where nothing could be grown. Over time, when Koh Chang began to gain the fame of a tourist destination, land by the sea went up in price sharply. And now the heirs of those farmers are living in style in their luxurious villas, built on the money, earned from the rental, drinking cocktails, happy and pleased with such a turn of fate.

Beach description

Bailan Beach was once the least developed part of Koh Chang Island. Recently, everything is changing: several floors high buildings are being built in the outskirts, and a couple of years ago a huge hotel even appeared Mercure Hideaway with garden and park area.

The neighborhood with Lonley Beach puts a certain reputation on Bailan: tourists interpret it as a quieter place compared to Lonely. This is the most suitable place for those, who want to live longer on the island with all facilities and at a reasonable price. The advantage of Bailan is that it is possible to rest here calmly. Nightlife is a five minute drive north. If you want to swim with fish, ten minutes south there is the village of Bangbao, the best place for diving.

The rich underwater world on the beach thrives just off the coast. To enjoy it, scuba gear is not even necessary, just a mask and a tube are enough. However, such a diverse underwater life has a reverse side: when entering the water it is possible to stumble upon the debris of corals, so it is better to take slippers. Twenty years ago, in the distance it was possible to see dolphins, now they occasionally swim past the island. Of the living creatures near the jungle it is possible to see monkeys, but it is not recommended to feed them.

The beach bends in a crescent, in some places sand is replaced by rocks. The slope into the sea, as elsewhere on Koh Chang, is shallow, but the waves are strong, especially in the high season, which is not quite suitable for small children.

In general, despite the relatively undeveloped infrastructure, Bailan is much less rude and unpretentious, than neighboring Lonley. It is perfect for those, who want to engage in doing nothing on the beach and reading books. However, to get to places, where people gather, it is better to rent a scooter. Of the disadvantages, it can also be noted, that it is difficult to get out to the center of the island from here - the mountain road serpentine leads to the beach.

When is the best time to go?

The period from November to March is considered the high season in Thailand. Comfortable air temperature, as well as minimal rainfall create optimal conditions for a beach holiday.

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Koh Chang Bailan Beach Resort has a developed infrastructure: it has swimming pools for adults and children, and the rooms have coffee machines. In general, this is a standard three-star hotel, which has everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The most northern on the beach, a hotel BailanBayResort bring to your attention just updated and renovated rooms. This hotel is more suitable for those, who prefer to admire nature, and not have easy access to the beach. Cozy and comfortable bungalows for a reasonable price you will find at HarleyMoonHideaway in the central part of the island: here is the best value for money on the whole beach.

There are many restaurants in the central part of the beach. Some locals also decided to remodel their homes into small dining rooms, where tourists can have breakfast with both rice with curry and corn flakes. In some restaurants it is even possible to take cooking classes and dine with what you have prepared yourself.

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Useful information

Of all the beaches of the Koh Chang island, this can rightly be called the most athletic. Lovers of active rest and parents of teenage children can be advised the Treetop Adventure Park - here it is possible to climb the ropes at the tops of trees, among the jungle and vines, feel like a real Tarzan.

There is also a Muay Thai training camp in the outskirts the beach. It is possible to pay for several classes (600 baht each), or it is posible to buy a monthly subscription for 9,000 baht, and get acquainted with the art of Thai boxing in detail. 

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