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Lonely Beach: say "no" to loneliness

The beach got its name in those "ancient" times, when it was still difficult to reach it along steep hills. Now, thanks to the paved road, this is the most youth and party beach on the island. It is very short, compared to other beaches (Lonley is only 600 meters long, while White Sand and Klong Prao are 3 kilometers long), Lonley is available for swimming not along its entire length: the rocky southern part is suitable only for fishing or diving. At the end of the beach, the rocks turn into cliffs, so tourists use the north side to swim in the sea and relax on the beach.

Beach description

Be ready for the fact, that the shadow from the trees day and night almost does not fall on the sand, so if you do not want to burn, it is better to buy or rent a beach parasol. There are no sunbeds on the beach - do not forget to bring along a big towel.

Lonely has a “youth” reputation, that does not correspond to its name: on the southern, rocky part, cheap bungalows of 200 baht per day are located, in which numerous students, who came to the island for the sake of a stormy nightlife, live. In the weekend, bars hang out announcements of upcoming parties, flyers are handed out in the village, promising music until 3-4 in the morning and abandoned hilarity. IT is necessary to keep this in mind if you are going to spend your rest on Lonely Beach after a busy period of work.

However, in recent years, the beach is increasingly deviating from its "student" specifics: in place of cheap houses with hard beds, more and more comfortable hotels and bungalows appear. Nowadays backpackers have much more money and prefer to spend them on living with all facilities.

When is the best time to go?

The period from November to March is considered the high season in Thailand. Comfortable air temperature, as well as minimal rainfall create optimal conditions for a beach holiday.

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BhumiyamaBeachResort is a great example of how Lonely beach has become bourgeois in recent years. The picturesque terrace with pool opens sea view, the paths in the garden are framed by bright colours. To look after a small child, it is even possible to use the services of a nanny. It is a fine, very beautiful 4-star hotel, where it is possible to relax and take a rest from discos and fun. Oasis Koh Chang, located a 15-minute walk from the coast, offers rather simple bungalows, more like lost houses in the jungle. Nothing extra, just everything necessary at a low price. Paradise Cottage Koh Chang in the southern part of the beach there is another economy hotel, not devoid of beauty and charm.

Lonely, especially its southern part, abounds in bars and restaurants with discos until 4 in the morning. At the beach restaurants in the evening it is possible to see the fire show.

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For lovers of a healthy lifestyle, there is a fitness center near the beach, where yoga classes are available. Nothing could be nicer, than plunging into the sea immediately after an hour of training on a racetrack.

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