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Koh Chang Island has long been on the list of popular tourist destinations. Hotels and shops are everywhere - even in the most remote corners of the island, such as Long Beach. But if you still want to visit the last beach, unaffected by infrastructure, then you have a direct road to the south coastline, to Wai Chek beach.

Beach description

The beach can be seen from the opposite side of the bay, from the village of Bang Bao. It seems that it is not so difficult to get here - after all, Wai Chek is so close to the village, which means that at least a highway should be laid to it. However, to get to it, you will have to go around the whole island - in the south the “ring” of the highway is broken, it is possible to reach the beach only from the other side, overcoming various obstacles like a dried river bed. It is possible to get to the beach on foot along the path from Klong Kloi. But the easiest way to Wai Chek is from the Klong Kloi by boat.

The pristine cleanliness of the beach is worth getting to it. Due to the lack of infrastructure, there are many animals and beautiful fish in the sea - to admire them, it is not necessary to swim to great depths. At the eastern end of the freshwater lagoon, it is possible to find tents of backpackers and Thai hippies, who left civilization because of the opportunity to be closer to nature or for a beautiful selfie.

It may easily turn out that throughout the entire length of the beach (and its size is not inferior to Bailan Beach), there will be only a couple of people on it besides you. So if you want to feel lost on a distant tropical island and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, the azure sea and the gentle sun, then Wai Chek beach will suit you perfectly.

When is the best time to go?

The period from November to March is considered the high season in Thailand. Comfortable air temperature, as well as minimal rainfall create optimal conditions for a beach holiday.

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