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Klong Prao Beach: is family corner

South of Pearl Beach there is the quietest sandy beach of the island - Klong Prao, which got its name from a river that flows into the sea. Located in the bay, Klong Prao, unlike the White Sand, abounds for the most part in luxury hotels with luxurious territory, and young families with children love to choose them for rest. For a stormy nightlife, it’s better to go to White Sand: there are no disco bars and fire shows on Klong Prao.

Beach description

On the territory of the beach several rivers flow into the sea at once, one of which - Klong Prao - divides the beach into two parts, northern and southern. Throughout the beach, the coast is shallow, like everywhere on Koh Chang - it is possible to let the children go swimming, and sit on a sunbed under the sun without worries. In many places, the coastline is very narrow: palm trees grow almost close to the sea, leaving very little space for towels and sunbeds.

In the high season, the waves are calm, while in the rainy season it is a quite another matter. At the beginning and end of the rainy season, jellyfish breed in the delta, so it’s very easy to swim on a brood of their little kids (or they will swim on you). But don't afraid: jellyfish are not toxic, their bite is more exasperating, than life-threatening.

In the evenings, fireflies come to the surface of the river Klong Prao in the delta and along the bed of the river - tourists from nearby hotels gather to this enchanting sight. The pontoon bridge allows to go from one side of the river to another and not wet feet.

As it was noted, the coastline on Klong Prao is occupied by expensive family hotels, but the palm jungle separates them from the highway: to get to the infrastructure, it is necessary to walk or ride a bicycle.

Speaking of infrastructure. Now White Sand is considered to be the most crowded beach, but its development has already reached its peak: the land along the beach, on both sides of the road, is already built up with all kinds of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. There is no room to breathe, while the area of island along Klong Prao is hardly affected by the developers. Everything goes to the fact, that soon Klong Prao will begin to resemble the White Sand in terms of the number of people and the diversity of nightlife ... but for that there are still a few years.

At the mouth of the river there is a rental of boards and oars for supsurfing - it is even possible to take a guide to swim with him down the river, through the mangroves, and farther to the sea.

When is the best time to go?

The period from November to March is considered the high season in Thailand. Comfortable air temperature, as well as minimal rainfall create optimal conditions for a beach holiday.

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Klong Prao Beach is not a place for economical accommodation; hotels like Klong Prao Resort (it is closest to the highway) were specially built as a place of family rest. There are even separate pools for adults and children, as well as family hotel rooms. From popular Centara Tropicana Resort it is easy to come to the Russian restaurant "E-moe". ThaiGardenHill offers a wide choice of water activities: scuba diving, canoeing and fishing.

However, for a budget holiday is still available HabitatHostelKohChang with shared rooms from two to ten persons. The rooms have lockers, so it is possible not to worry about the safety of a wallet and passport.

On the beach and on the road along it there are many bars and restaurants. Here you can eat both inexpensive Thai food and whip up a glass of cold beer on a hot afternoon.

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Useful information

If going along the road to the north, bypassing the entry to Mu Ko Chang National Park (cost - 200 baht), it is possible to reach the beautiful Klong Plu waterfall. Small fish swim in the purest water. On the way to the waterfall there is an interesting shop, where a lot of herbal medicines are on sale, including creams and lotions. The staff speaks English well and can explain, what cream and what is used for.

On the way to Klong Plu waterfall there is the active Wat Klong Prao Buddhist temple, the most visited on the island.

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