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Long Beach: lost paradise

Tourists unanimously acknowledge, that there is no better place, than Koh Chang, for a quiet rest with lying in the sea under palm trees There are no historical sights, water attractions or aquaparks, there are no club districts with a wild nightlife. But if you, coming here for a long time, get tired of calm, the very road to Long Beach will make you feel the spirit of adventure.

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At first, it seems that everything is easy: although the road to the beach is long (you have to go around the whole island, because in the south it tears, forming a kind of horseshoe; this can take about an hour), but on the map it looks understandable. However, at the entrance to the beach you will find many surprises, the first of which is a huge pit right behind a dangerous bend, untouched for five years now. The bridge through the pit was never built, for its bypassing you will have to use a fancy structure of mud and clay. It is a good training for beginner drivers - develops maneuverability.

Passing the pit, you will soon find, that the road is ending, and an uneven ground surface begins behind it, which is often completely washed out during the rainy season. On both sides of the road there are high hills, subjected to erosion and dangerous due to periodic landslides. And it is three kilometers in such a way. But do not rush to write off Long Beach. After the sleepy comfort and relaxation of fashionable hotels, the feeling of being a pioneer can capture and cheer up. Take the road to Long as a challenge - the more pleasant the result will be, when you finally get to the beach.

Despite the name, the beach itself is actually shorter, than Klong Prao or the popular White Sand. Due to its inaccessibility, it is the most secluded on the island, there are really very few people here, as well as developed infrastructure: there is only one hotel on Long Beach. The sea is shallow, the water is clear and pleasant, it is possible to swim both during high tide and during low tide. If you combine such qualities as a love of silence and a craving for adventure, then Long Beach will suit you best.

When is the best time to go?

The period from November to March is considered the high season in Thailand. Comfortable air temperature, as well as minimal rainfall create optimal conditions for a beach holiday.

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The very secluded hotel – TantawanResortKohChang is a rows of bungalows at the very edge of blue clear water. The bungalow has everything for a comfortable stay, the houses are standing on long legs directly in the water, into which a small ladder leads - in the morning, to cheer up, it is possible to cannonball from the balcony into the sea. The hotel has a restaurant, some of whose tables are located on the pier, but for such beauty and proximity to nature, you will have to pay a considerable sum. Be prepared for the fact, that the hotel does not have free Wi-Fi, and mobile communications at this end of the island are unstable and may periodically disappear.

In general, the infrastructure on the beach is poor: There are no shops at all. You could eat also only at the hotel TantawanResortKohChang.

There is one joyful thing - the island does not abound in gas stations, while on the way to Long Beach you will find one big one, where you will not only be refueled, but they will also give you bottled gasoline.

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On the coast of the mainland, on the other side of the island, there is a majestic memorial to the fallen in the battle of Koh Chang island - a naval battle during the Franco-Thai war of 1940-1941, when the Thai soldiers failed to recapture the bridgeheads of the land from French Indochina. At the southeastern top end of the island, near Long Beach, there is also a memorial, dedicated to this historic event. However, it looks much more modest: constructed of a tree, it resembles an oriental temple in miniature, on it there are Buddha figurines and bowls with incense.

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