Ras Um Sid beach

A beach with a large hotel and entertainment complex nearby. Located in the southern part of the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the depths of the bay of Ras Umm-Sid. The place is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula in a place where the number of sunny days and daytime temperatures are among the best for a vacation.

Beach description

The beach itself is called the "Golden Beach". This is how it is indicated on many maps, but among tourists, for ease of perception and indicating the exact place, the name "Rass-Umm al-Sid" goes by the name of the bay.

The name describes exactly the type and color of sand. The beach consists entirely of sand of golden bright colors. Sand grains of medium size, in some places may resemble pebbles. This is the case for the edges of the beach from the west and east, where it is surrounded by low stone cliffs and reefs of sandstone and coral sediments.

The beach itself is quite wide, however, throughout its entire space it is covered with canopies and lawn chairs for vacationers. Some of them belong to restaurants, and therefore they can even deliver a customer order there. Others are arranged specifically for hourly rental to everyone.

The beach is roughly divided in half by a small rounded stone cape. To go swimming in the waters of the Red Sea from it , you will need to go down a small staircase. To the right and left, the water directly approaches the edge of the sand. The sea is shallow, the bottom is mostly sandy without stones and debris of coral, for about ten meters the depth does not even reach one and a half meters. Hen there is a small descent - down to a depth of about two - two and a half meters. The bottom here is also mostly sand, but there may already be separate stones and corals. The width of the line is thirty to fifty meters.

Beyond this bathing area is a line of coral with varying depths. Often vacationers engaged are in diving here, and therefore there may regularly be either individual motorboats or groups of scuba divers. And also those who simply go in for snorkeling.

When is it better to go?

Red Sea resorts are open year-round. However, in July and August it is better to refrain from traveling, because there is unbearable heat, approximately 35-40 degrees, you can sunbathe in the sun instantly. May-June and September-October is the best time to travel to Egypt, because the heat is decreasing and hotel prices are getting lower (since the Mediterranean holiday season is still open).

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The beach is in fact the central part of the resort area. A large number of hotels are placed around. Numerous roads approach the coast, and there is one continuous wide promenade along the sandy edge. There are several restaurants, cafes and bars right next to the sand. Somewhat aside there is a pier with the possibility of renting a boat: for simple boat trips or diving.

Part of the beach is occupied by hotels and individual bungalows that present comfortable loungers to their guests. All of them work according to the same standard, which is accepted in Egypt and is widely known among all tourists in the world. Everyone can choose a hotel to their liking. However, we can advise a five stars hotelIl Mercato that is somewhat out of the general group. In addition to a convenient passage directly to the Golden Beach, they can offer to visit the amazing coral beach, as well as wander among the reefs in a glass octahedron. The cost of a weekly stay per person will be only about $350.

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Useful information

You can admire Ras Um Sid Bay entirely from the eastern or western cliffs. At the same time, the depths nearby are also small, but at a certain distance, a sharp bottom drift begins. Because there are not too many vacationers and sunbathers here.

Special piers are also arranged in these places where motor boats arrive. From there, lovers of contemplation of the underwater depths can dive directly, so as not to exhaust yourself with a long voyage from the beach itself to the accumulations of corals.

Getting to the beach from another part of the city to the beach is easy. It is enough to follow the Al Fanar highway to the south until the point where it practically rests on the sea.

There are many different schools on the coast where local Egyptians will be happy to tell you how to go diving. The official Diving Center, however, is located somewhat in the back of the hotel complex of continuous development on Al Ferussia Street. And for beginners or with very little diving experience divers it is better to go there.

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