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This beach is considered a real gem of the resort city, which is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. The beach is located at the base of Aqaba Gulf. Initially, this beach was the place around which the city itself was built. It stretched along the coast in a wave for about three kilometers.

Beach description

The beach is half artificial. There were exits of rocky surfaces in many places. There also were many pieces of the coast, where there were fragments of coral, rock and large pebbles. Therefore, to create a full-fledged large beach, masses of sand were brought in.

The color of the beach is bright yellow. In some places, the shade becomes closer to dark yellow, somewhat brown. Sand is heterogeneous in composition. Pebbles can be found in some places among medium and large grains of sand.

The sandy shore almost everywhere goes to the same bottom. However, in most places, corals are present in addition to sand. Somewhere there are more clusters, somewhere less. Sometimes corals can be located closer to the coast, and therefore all bathing tourists should be as cautious as possible. The bottom can only be cleaned in places where the beach is closed and belongs to the hotel territory. In this case, the workers specifically clean the seabed. But there are very few such places.

The depth of the sea near the coast is growing near the shore. You can swim freely in shallow water only within ten to fifteen meters from the edge of the shore. Further, the depth gradually increases with the exception of large accumulations of coral. The bottom is not visible at a distance of about fifty meters even in the clear water of the gulf.

When is it better to go?

Red Sea resorts are open year-round. However, in July and August it is better to refrain from traveling, because there is unbearable heat, approximately 35-40 degrees, you can sunbathe in the sun instantly. May-June and September-October is the best time to travel to Egypt, because the heat is decreasing and hotel prices are getting lower (since the Mediterranean holiday season is still open).

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The beach itself is public, completely free to visit. In this case, regular cleaning takes place not only from large, but also from small debris. In some places, almost all of the sand is occupied by lawn chairs or small structures for recreation. However, for the most part, public places are poor in both greenery and the presence of shade.

The places are more organized near the hotels, there are cafes, restaurants or even small night bars. Also, large hotels are constantly increasing the size of the beach and shallow areas of the sea nearby. Such places are free for guests (with the exception of drinks and dishes). Therefore, it is best to stay in the famous large resort establishments. Moreover, the cost is relatively low, for example, Sheraton Sharm Hotel Resort can offer five-star rooms starting at $70/day per adult. And at the same time it is located in the very center of the city and the beach, having the best access to a private beach.

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Useful information

Getting to the beach is relatively easy. The only inconvenience is that the central highway of the city does not pass along the beach - the El Salam road. There are small branches up to a kilometer in length from it. It is rarely possible to meet a taxi near hotels. Hotel guests have the opportunity to pre-book it. Therefore, going back if staying at a hotel in another district can be difficult. It will be necessary to go to the highway along the sands and stone. It is worth arranging a taxi driver to drive by a certain time in advance.

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