Sveti Stefan beach

The beaches of Sveti Stefan on the shore of the resort village of the same name became famous thanks to the island-hotel Sveti Stefan with an ancient fortress connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. To the left of the isthmus is a free beach for the general public. On the right is the beach for guests of the Sveti Stefan Hotel.

Beach description

The public beach of Sveti Stefan, about 1 km long, is covered with large pebbles. There are rental points for umbrellas and sun loungers, showers with fresh water, changing cabins and toilets. A set of two sun loungers with an umbrella will cost € 20. You can get on a towel by renting only an umbrella. The entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is pebbly. On the beach and in the water it is advisable to walk in special shoes. Sea urchins may lurk at the bottom a few meters from the shore. There are cafes, bars, restaurants on the shore. There is paid parking near the beach.

In season, Sveti Stefan is crowded. Among vacationers you can meet many locals and tourists from different countries. On the beach it is comfortable to relax with children of any age.

The beach is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, active entertainment. Here you can do scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, diving, and surfing. There are playgrounds. Nearby is the Milocer Park.

The public beach offers amazing views of the island and the glamorous area of Sveti Stefan, covered with light sand and equipped with elegant sun loungers, beautiful umbrellas and other attributes of an elite resort. Unlike the first, the glamorous Sveti Stefan is always deserted, but the guards are vigilantly guarding the territory from intruders. With a strong desire, you can relax there by paying € 100.

When is it better to go

The high season on the beaches of Montenegro begins in July and lasts until September. During this period, here is settled a dry sunny weather, the air temperature reaches + 30 °C, there is almost no rainfall, the Adriatic warms up to very comfortable + 26 °C. Sea resorts are overcrowded to the limit, there are a lot of people on the beaches, prices for accommodation, products and services are at their maximum.

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Where to stop

In the village of Sveti Stefan, tourists can easily find many accommodation options that will make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable.

Where to eat

In the resort of Sveti Stefan there are many restaurants, cafes, snack bars and bars for vacationers with different financial capabilities. There are gourmet restaurants with strict restaurant etiquette and available to all establishments where you can eat tasty and inexpensive, as well as order a couple of glasses of excellent wine. Most of these establishments are concentrated offshore.

There are many establishments in Sveti Stefan with excellently prepared fish and seafood dishes. No less attractive are the national Montenegrin dishes of meat and vegetables, generously seasoned with local herbs and spices.

What to do

Sveti Stefan offers many options for both a relaxing and active holiday. The beauty of the mountains overgrown with dense forests attracts lovers of hiking and cycling. On the terrain, you can admire the landscapes and the sea from a bird's eye view from viewing platforms or from a paraglider. Picturesque coastal cliffs, a relief rocky bottom, underwater caves and grottoes of the Adriatic hide the untold riches of marine life, so divers come from all over the world to the resort. Sports enthusiasts are greeted by sports complexes with state-of-the-art equipment.

Sveti Stefan's lovers of parties and discos will find it boring, so they should go to Budva right away. - Excursions in Montenegro

Weather in Sveti Stefan

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