Caleton Blanco beach

Caleton Blanco is a series of small beaches, very similar to each other. They are located in the northern part of Lanzarote, next to the fishing village of Orsola. The picturesque cliffs of solidified lava coexist here with incredibly bright sand. The name Caleton Blanco is also the largest and most popular beach of this "chain".

Beach description

Rocks form natural pools in Caleton Blanco Bay, well protected from the open ocean. This feature explains the absence of waves in the lagoon. On the beach there are areas with shallow water, but you can also swim in the depths here. It is this place on the island that is considered to be the best for families with children. It is also chosen by those who are looking for the opportunity to be on the beach in solitude.

Caleton Blanco - "wild" beaches, on these stretches of the coast there are no additional conditions for relaxation, only untouched nature. The only sign of civilization in this place is parking for cars, it is free.

There are no hostels or hotels right on the beaches, a large selection of accommodation for rent can be found in the nearest major city of Costa Terisa (about 25 km from Caleton Blanco).

When is it better to go

Lanzarote has the coolest climate in the Canary Archipelago. The island has virtually no vegetation and no natural protection from the winds. In summer, the air temperature rises to +26 °C, water – up to 20 °C.

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Weather in Caleton Blanco

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Orzola Para Descansar
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Brisamarina de Orzola
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Casa Suso & casa Margarita
rating 8.5
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How to get there

You can only get to the beach by private car or taxi.

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