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Famara is the best place in Lanzarote for surfing.

Beach description

Famara is a very long wild beach, whose length is about 6 km. The coast is covered with sand, the bottom is also sandy. Swimming here is not very convenient, since the waves near the shore are very large, and the underwater current is quite strong. There are always a lot of surfers on the beach.

There are no additional services or facilities on the beach, only one cafe. The nearest shops and bars can be found in villages nearby (Caleta de Famara and Caleta de Sebo). Several surf schools also work there.

The nearest hotels are located more than 10 km from the beach, most in Costa Teguise.


Graciosa Island is a nature reserve, which is a natural monument. Walking along it you can see the pristine nature of the Canary Archipelago.

Near the beach (in the vicinity of Orsola) there is a small ethnographic park Pardelas, as well as a lava field Malpais.

When is it better to go

Lanzarote has the coolest climate in the Canary Archipelago. The island has virtually no vegetation and no natural protection from the winds. In summer, the air temperature rises to +26 °C, water – up to 20 °C.

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How to get there

Ferries run from the port of Orsola to the island, the journey time is 15-20 minutes. Water transport arrives in the village of Caleta del Sebo. From it to the beach you can reach by car.

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