Sa Calobra beach

The location in the north of Mallorca makes Sa Calobra a desirable destination for those who want to experience the wildlife of the Mediterranean.

Beach description

The picturesque canyon that surrounds this beach can be reached by a single road. The winding path along the serpentine is a historical heritage because it was laid to this port village in the middle of the last century. Driving through it is a kind of an attraction regardless of whether vacationers choose a trip by car or bus.

But those who have already taken a step back from adrenaline entertainment can choose a more relaxed path - across the sea using boats that arrive at the beach several times a day in high season. Vacationers in this unique place will have the opportunity to visit 2 beaches with fantastic views. One of them is a narrow 30-meter stretch, strewn with pebbles. To the second one you need to walk about a kilometer along a narrow path, and after passing through a unique tunnel you can get access to a 100-meter stretch for relaxing under the sun in an unforgettable place.

These beaches are a great option to choose the day and just relax on them. There are no windsurfers, and the area for bathers is clearly separated from passing yachts by buoys. Strong waves here arise only with a certain direction of the wind. There are also noisy parties, so this is the perfect place to meet the sunset with your beloved one hearing the sound of the sea.

When is it better to go

The beach season on the coast of Spain falls on the period from May to October. The water and air temperature reaches the most comfortable levels, thereby guaranteeing tourists a perfect vacation. 

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