Varadero beach

Varadero, located on the long winding peninsula of Ikakos, belongs to the world famous resorts of the Caribbean. Combining the natural beauty and beach amenities, grooming and safety, he receives up to one million foreign tourists a year. According to many travelers, Varadero beach is a magical fairy tale that you get into to return.

Beach description

A wide (from 0.5 to 2.5 km) strip of fine white sand stretches for 20 kilometers. The coastline gently plunges into the warm clear sea. At the bottom there are no steep slopes, no stones, which is important for a safe holiday with children. Water in a wide variety of shades of blue is transparent, like a crystal. The coral reef serves as a reliable shield that protects the beach area from erosion by sea waves.

The surroundings are rich in caves, picturesque cliffs and pristine lagoons. Lush fragrant jungle and low dunes covered with tropical greenery border the sandy strip.

The welcoming sun in a cloudless sky all year round pleases visitors. Although the peak of the holiday season occurs in the summer months, winter with an air temperature not lower than + 25ºC also has a good rest. The natural perfection of Varadero is complemented by its noticeable grooming. Exemplary cleanliness of the beach is due to municipal services and numerous containers for waste.

When is it better to go

The most favorable time for a vacation in Cuba is the period from November to April, when the air temperature reaches + 26 °C, water – up to + 25-28 °C. The sea is calm, the probability of hurricanes is minimal. 

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There are no problems with accommodation of guests in the territory of Varadero. Here are concentrated about 60 economy hotels and luxury all-inclusive resorts, which makes up 55% of all hotel rooms in Cuba.

For guests of hotels and resorts, umbrellas and sun loungers are provided free of charge. There is no shortage of bars, pizzerias and steakhouses on the beach. The menu of most restaurants includes international delicacies. Cuban specialties – lobsters and steaks – are served with Spanish or Chilean wines and are characterized by low prices. A cigar and coffee with rum are usually offered at the end of the meal.

Actively vacationing tourists are provided with an unlimited choice of classes:

  • scuba diving (23 dive centers are open in the beach area and more than 30 places for underwater exploration are established, rich in both marine life and artifacts in the form of flooded planes and frigates);
  • snorkeling;
  • kite and windsurfing;
  • water biking;
  • kayaking, catamarans, yachts;
  • submarine tours;
  • sport fishing;
  • aqua fitness;
  • beach volleyball;
  • golf;
  • tennis;
  • Latin American dance training;
  • raids on bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, cars.

Curious guests will certainly be interested in the following places:

  • Pointe Hicacos Natural Park with Ambrosio Prehistoric Cave and Lake Mangon – habitat for 31 bird species and 24 reptile species;
  • Municipal Museum of Varadero;
  • crocodile nursery in the tourist complex of Guam;
  • dolphinarium.

Varadero is famous for a large number of supermarkets, boutiques, souvenir shops. Especially popular among tourists are shops specializing in the sale of famous Cuban products: rum, coffee, cigars. Fans of night adventures await in numerous clubs, cabaret cafes, discobars.

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Useful information

  1. The toponym “Varadero” comes from the name of one of the species of cacti.
  2. The first guests visited Varadero back in the 1870s. For many years it was considered an elite resort. The famous gangster Al Capone liked to relax here (today his villa has been transformed into a chic restaurant).
  3. Tourism began to develop on Varadero beach since the 1930s, when Irene DuPont, an American millionaire, built his estate on the peninsula (DuPont House). In 1963, after the death of Dupont, these properties were turned into a golf club.
  4. You can get from Varadero airport from Moscow by direct flight. From Havana to the beach you will get any kind of transport: plane, cruise ship, train, bus or taxi.

The beach participates in ratings:

30 place in rating TOP-100 of the best beaches in the world 1 place in rating Cuba
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