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The pristine wild beach of Lagada is suitable for those who want to see the beauty of the reinstated Greek coastline: white sandy beaches, emerald water, and lush greenery bordering the rocks and the beach. No romantic can resist such views. Apparently, that's why, the bulk of visitors is young people. But couples looking for silence and harmony also come here.

Beach description

Located 40 kilometers south-east of the capital of the island. You can get there by bus or taxi. Rent a car if you want to travel around the island. From the neighboring village of Kefalos, you can even walk on foot or go on a bicycle, which are also rented.

the Beach is not crowded and very spacious. Partially equipped with umbrellas and chair lounges. There are places where you can have a snack with something original from Greek cuisine. Don't miss the opportunity to stay here until the evening to see the last rays of the sun sink in the waters of the Aegean Sea. Catch a camera with you: besides tan you should make bright pictures from rest and bring it to home necessarily!

When is the best time to go?

Greece - a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on the place where you are going. The holiday season  begins in May and reaches a peak in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern islands reaches 40 degrees, which may still not play a role on the beach, but certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is the end of spring-beginning of summer or September-October. 

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