The best beaches in Crete

TOP 30: Rating of the best beaches of Crete

Crete – is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, washed, moreover, in the south of the Libyan and the Ionian Sea in the west. This fabulous island is the owner of rich cultural heritage – its history goes back to the era of the most ancient Cretan Minoan civilization in Europe. Now Crete – is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe, ready to provide its guests with warm sunshine, golden sand beaches and the opportunity to touch the history itself. Our overview of the best beaches in Crete will help you choose the perfect place for holidays.

TOP 30: Rating of the best beaches of Crete

On website 1001beach there are ratings and compilations of the best beaches in Crete that help you choose a vacation spot. Making our ratings we take into account indicators like tourists' reviews, cleanliness of beaches, infrastructure, climate etc. On our website you can find complete and current information about a beach vacation.


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