Elafonissi beach

Beautiful clean beach, scorching sun, elite pink sand, well-developed infrastructure, a lot of entertainment for adults and children. Such a colorful description attracts even avid tourists who have traveled to different parts of the world. Beautiful, unusual and cozy - and this is all about the famous crowded beach in Crete - Elafonissi. Many people not only know about this beach but also have repeatedly rested here, enjoying modern service, marine atmosphere, and gorgeous views.

Beach description

Many vacationers prefer sandy beach, shallow water and convenient descent into the water. The beach of Elafonissi is an excellent example of it. Your children will be in complete safety, because rescuers are on duty on the shore, and the turquoise sea is small and without waves.

The cohort of the beach is very variative. There are beautiful couples in love, walking along the beach, families with happy children, as well as happy young people who do not get tired of swimming, play beach games, getting vitamin D.

the Beach offers all the comfort you need to relax: practical chair lounges, multi-colored umbrellas, refreshing cocktails, which are made in the bar. There are shower cabins, locker rooms, as well as souvenir shops, in which you can buy pleasant surprises to your relatives. In addition, the beach has a distinctive feature – the Blue Flag award, which is awarded to clean, beautiful and safe beaches.

It's not hard to Get to the beach. To rent a car and see the entire coast is the right solution that many tourists use. There are also shuttle and sightseeing buses that are designed for those who do not want to drive. This local mode of transport offers its services from May to October. That is why it will not be much easy to reach the beach, the main thing is to have a desire to see the beauty of the unusual coast with its amazing features.

When is the best time to go?

Greece - a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on the place where you are going. The holiday season  begins in May and reaches a peak in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern islands reaches 40 degrees, which may still not play a role on the beach, but certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is the end of spring-beginning of summer or September-October. 

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The beach infrastructure is on the highest level, so relaxing in this modern place is a pleasure. In the southwestern part of Crete, you can not only swim enough, relax on the warm pink sand, go in for water sports, but also get an excellent service with a comfortable room in one of the local hotels. You can book a cozy room with all amenities in such hotels as Glykeria Hotel, Elafonisi Resort by Kalomirakis Family, Musagores Rooms. These hotels have long attracted tourists by their hospitality, affordable prices and acceptable location. You can also check in to other luxury hotels, but then you have to spend time on the round trip, because they are not very close.

Restaurants in Elafonissi have a varied menu, delicious dishes, helpful staff and reasonable prices. Here is an assortment of restaurants for every taste and budget. Seafood, fish, meat, side dishes, alcohol, as well as aromatic dishes for vegetarians - you will be served professionally and from the heart.

Weather in Elafonissi

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Useful information

Elafonissi beach is exactly what you need for older children and children, because there is a sandy beach and a gentle slope into the water, and healthy air, there are practically no waves, and the wind is insignificant and very warm. In other words, this is a wonderful combination of beach holidays, comfortable living, reliable service and exciting entertainments, for which there is almost no time. Therefore, try to manage everything, visit everywhere, have a good rest and enjoy the beach, because in this place you are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation, thanks to which you will make sure that luxurious beaches with all amenities really exist.

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