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Anzio - a famous resort among Italians and Europeans, located in the south of Rome. This is a port city with a beach of the same name, which stretches 12 km along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and divided into 6 sections - beaches with their own characteristics. The infrastructure is well developed - there is everything to relax with children, the whole family, with friends and loved ones.

Beach description

The bottom of the sea and beaches are sandy. It descends smoothly, it is shallow, there are many breakwaters in the water. In Anzio, you can relax with a small child. To swim at a depth you need to go into the sea at a considerable distance. The coastal zone is divided by stone capes, port buildings, many sand dunes. The sea water is clean, warm and transparent. The resort is popular among locals and travelers from around Europe.

The main beach of Anzio is Riviera Zanardelli, which has a wide coastline, there are free zones in the north and south. Lido dei Gigli is surrounded by 20-meter high sand dunes and a pine forest. Nerone is located near the ruins of the Nero's villa. This is a favorite place for divers and anyone who likes to snorkel. There are many artifacts, ancient ruins at the bottom. There is a paid shower and a cafe with delicious local cuisine. Tor Caldara is located in the opposite to a nature reserve of the same name. There are sulfur sources, many rare species of animals. Excavations are ongoing throughout the territory.

Riviera Vittorio Mallozzi is a clean beach for sunbathers. A narrow coastline, a playground, breakwaters, relatively few active entertainments. Rivazzurra S.R.L. – not crowded remote beach located between the rocks, the descent is difficult. Wooden staircase is used. Beautiful views, plenty of space for playing beach volleyball, football - sports grounds and fields are equipped on the territory. Most vacationers are young people. This is the only part of Anzio beach where the depth starts right off the coast.

Healing clean air, sea coolness of the breeze, snow-white sand and azure water will make spending time in Anzio unforgettable for tourists from any corner of the world.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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There are many hotels with rooms of different levels of comfort not far from Anzio beach . The cost of rooms is varied: from 40$/day and more than 1000$. To occupy a budget room, you need to make a reservation at least six months in advance, if it concerns the summer holidays.

The entrance fee to the beach is 15 €, the price includes an umbrella and a sunbed. In free zones you can relax on the sand or rent an umbrella and a sunbed for 5€. It is clean and comfortable - they regularly clean the beaches. There are showers with fresh water, toilets, changing rooms. Many restaurants, cafes with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, shops with affordable prices.

The distance between Anzio and Rome is 60 km. You can get to the beach by different means of transport: by transfer, taxi, rented car, train or bus. It’s easy to walk from hotels to the beach - everything is literally at a reach of the hand. Fans of leisure on the move can rent equipment for underwater fishing, windsurfing, surfing.

Weather in Anzio

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Useful information

There are many attractions, ancient ruins within the city of Anzio . Lore says that Caligula and Nero were born here. Due to the fact that it is only 60 km to Rome, there are many Italians on the beach and in the city on weekends. In the summer months, on Fridays, Saturdays, free concerts are held at the historic villas, piazza Garibaldi. There is their schedule in the public places.

Attractions in the vicinity of Anzio

  1. The famous antique villa of Nero. The ruins of the Roman port are located on the site of the beach of Nero - the territory of Via Fanciulla. This is an archaeological park, entrance is free of charge. The frescoes and artifacts mined here are stored in the museum of Adele’s Villa. There is also a square, a lighthouse and a grotto.
  2. Adele's Villa. The construction of 1600, now serves as a building for museums. The construction of Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola was initiated by decree of Pope Clement VIII. Today, there is a playground, a park on the construction site. Many artifacts are stored here, open-air stage regularly hold free and paid concerts.
  3. Sarsina or Corsini's Villa. Municipal building that was built back in 1735 for Neri Maria Corsini.
  4. Albani's Villa. It was constructed in 1735 for Cardinal Alessandro Albani, now it serves as the building of the city hospital.
  5. Plaza Ria. Located in the city center, near many public institutionssuch as fountains, restaurants, shops, cafes and the church della Chiesa dei SS. Pio e Antonio.

There are many other interesting places on the territory: tourist port, Basilica of Santa Teresa, memorial to the Allies who died during the landing, the Roman Theater, the reserve of Tro-Caldara.

Anzio is a great place for tourists, here you can do just what the traveler wants:  recreational activities, walk around the old city, enjoy the sights or take carefree sunbathing with the loved ones.

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