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The crowded resort between Naples and Rome

Sperlonga is a popular seaside resort, where townspeople from the capital of Italy and tourists from around the world come to with pleasure in the summer holidays. Located between Naples and Rome in the Latina province. It is crowded, there are a lot of places to go – dozens of historical buildings, architectural monuments. There are fewer tourists in the east, at the peak of the season everything is lined with lawn chairs, umbrellas. The resort is suitable for relaxing in a large company, with family and small tourists.

Beach description

There are dozens of picturesque beaches with sand and pebbles on the coast in Sperlonga, the most famous and most visited are: Della Fontana, La Canzatora, Delle Salette, Bazzano, Dell'Angolo, Delle Bambole. The coastline is 6 km long. It divides the resort town into two parts: east to Lido di Fondi and west to the Grotto of Tiberius. Old Town resides in the centre of it, with a marina and a fortress.

The bottom and the coast are sandy, the water is crystal clear. The sand is golden, soft, the sea is azure, the landscape is picturesque, the descent into the water is comfortable, the bottom is smooth, it is shallow here. Cleanliness, environmental friendliness are marked by the UNECCO World Organization - Sperlonga annually receives the "Blue Flag" award. The resort is suitable for families with children.

Della Fontana – a frequently visited beach with free and paid areas located behind Piazza Fontana in the background of rocks, caves, ancient fortress towers, lush vegetation and olive trees. La Canzatora – located near Terracina and Della Fontana Beach. The bottom is shallow - this is a great place to relax with a child. To reach deeper bottom you need to walk a few tens of meters. There is a free small area near the stones.

Delle Salette is a long, crowded wide beach. There is an equipped volleyball court, many lawn chairs. There is also a green area with a bar, cafe and playground. Bazzano is a paid youth beach where music is constantly played. Parties here begin in the morning and end late at night. Many sports grounds, restaurant, shallow bottom. Dell'Angolo – located in the eastern part, there are ideal conditions for swimming, a local historical attraction near Tiberius' Villa. There is a free zone near the stones. Delle Bambole is the farthest pebble beach, the infrastructure is poorly developed, but there is everything you need.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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Sperlonga is a popular resort where there are many entertainment venues that operate from evening to morning. There are dozens of clubs, bars and discos. The hotels are located in the western part of the coast - within walking distance to the beaches. Room rates start at $200/day and above. The most budget ones are located on the east coast, the minimum price per night is $100.

Sperlonga has paid and publicly accessible areas of the beaches. A pair of lawn chairs and an umbrella are included for those who pay entry fees. The price is 20 – 25 euros. Tourists who come after lunch time need to ask for a 50% discount. On the free area territory you can rent an umbrella and a lawn chair. The price is 5 - 9 euros per one unit.

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts can rent kayaks, diving equipment, and surfboards. The beaches have equipped modern toilets, showers, changing rooms - all in perfect condition. They are open from 8 AM to 7:30 PM for tourists. You can have a meal in restaurants, bars, cafes with local and European cuisine, which are located on the coast.

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Useful information

Many architectural monuments have been preserved on the territory of Sperlonga since the Middle Ages:

  • Capovento towers, Truglia, del Nibbio,
  • Antique Church S. Maria di Spelonca of the 12th century,
  • Palazzo Sabella of the 14th century,
  • chiesa di S. Rocco of the 15th century. 

Tourists should also consider visiting the Tiberio Cave and the National Museum, founded in the 60s.

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