Pellaro beach

Pellaro – is a popular beach on the southern shore of Reggio Calabria with the wonderful view of the active Sicilian volcano Mount Etna.

Beach description

The beach can be visually divided into two parts: the first is suitable for beach recreation, the second is not. In the north, the coastline is rocky, with breakerwaters. The wind blows frequently, and high waves rise. In the south, the conditions for tourist recreation are more favorable: a good sand and pebbly beach, popular among fans of extreme and kitesurfers, is located in the cape area

Depth is medium, the bottom lowers smoothly. If you go further to the beach southern side, you can relax under the branches of trees which is rarity for the Tyrrhenian Sea coast in Calabria region.

Most hotels are located in the cape area, rooms cost 40$-100$ per night, depending on the comfort level, and the season. You can save on accommodation by pre-ordering - many tourists book in advance, half a year before the trip. You can get to the hotel from the airport by electric train, taxi, or transfer. The infrastructure of Pellaro is well-developed - the beach has everything for comfortable recreation: rent of deck chairs, umbrellas, shower, changing cabins, water closet, cafes with tasty Mediterranean cuisine.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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Weather in Pellaro

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Hotel La Lampara
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Nesea Reggio di Calabria
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