Pefkos beach

It was a small fishing village in the south of the island and now it is a quiet and comfortable refuge for tired tourists. The calm atmosphere among the buildings, designed in a traditional Greek style. Neat well-kept streets. One of the few settlements on the island where you can really feel the very Greece. Here you can still see an old grandmother sitting quietly on the porch, lie down among the pines. By the way, “pefki” in Greek means “pine”. A good solution would be to spend your vacation in the endless green Pefki, lying in the sun, sipping fruit juice.

Beach description

If you thought it was better to go with your family, it might be your option. In Greece, in general, interesting architecture, but only here the creations of man so smoothly flow into the natural landscape and look absolutely natural. There is no huge number of bars or entertainment centers. A typical sandy beach and a rare hum of tourists at night awaits you. One of the few places where after a long rest you will have the power to explore the mountains and the desire to look at the caves located at the end of the gentle coast line.

A Part of the beach is silted with sand, but if you leave a little further, you can rest on the pebble beach. No sudden changes in bottom level, warm, clean water. The mountains that rise around the settlement carefully protect residents and guests from the wind. The place where you want to meet the dawn and accompany the setting sun. Drink a cup of coffee just sitting on your deck.

For those who thought to spend a relaxing holiday with close people, or just a tired traveler, this place is as good as possible. Its atmosphere envelops and won't let go until you leave the island.

When is the best time to go?

Greece - a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on the place where you are going. The holiday season  begins in May and reaches a peak in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern islands reaches 40 degrees, which may still not play a role on the beach, but certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is the end of spring-beginning of summer or September-October. 

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From my story you may have thought that everything here is not very good. But I can assure you, you can easily find everything you need. If you wish, you can rent a boat, go to the center and spend time in a bar. Try traditional cuisine, make check in at the best hotel. Now hotels meet all modern requirements, from design, to the spaciousness of the rented area and the number of towels. A nice accommodation variant would be“George Beach Studios”, it is only in 600 meters from the center and in 3 minutes from the beach. The unusual appearance of the building will also pleasantly surprise you. Chic “Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort” has a swimming pool in its courtyard and is located right on the beach. A nice villa “Angela Studios” is located just in forty meters away from the beach.

Weather in Pefkos

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Bianco Villa - Eve
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Blue Dream Luxury Villas
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Aquagrand of Lindos Exclusive Deluxe Resort & Spa Adult only
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Useful information

There are a lot of all kinds of souvenir shops, so you can safely look for the most interesting trinkets. If you are interested, go to more stores, you can find something unique and interesting.

Be sure to walk around the surroundings of Pefka, after all, nature is the main feature of this place. Instead of the same type of photographs on the beach, you can get interesting pictures and new memories of the island. Perhaps you should go to the nearest hill to take a look at local beauties.

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