La Pelosa beach

Heaven on earth

La Pelosa Beach earned the nickname "European Caribbean" due to the snow-white coastline, the azure surface of the water, developed infrastructure and a crowd of tourists from around the world. The place drives mad with its beauty and makes come back here again and again. The beach is located on the coast of Asinara Bay at Capo Falcone cape. One of the most impressive and best coastlines in Sardinia.

Beach description

The coastline is covered with fine white sand, which resembles velvet by touch. The sea bottom is sandy, and the depth increases smoothly. There are no undercurrents, pits, unpleasant spiky sea inhabitants. There is no possibility to get injure on the beach, it is very comfortable here for rest with children. The entry into the sea is sloping, the waves are small. The colour of the sea is worthy of special attention - the turquoise hue, which blinds the eyes When the water temperature changes, the colour of the sea becomes more saturated.

The beach is protected from strong winds by Asinara Island, so warm and comfortable weather on the coastline is all year round. The season begins in May and lasts until the end of October, a particular influx of tourists falls on August.

It is easy to get to the beach from the city of Stintino in the north-west of Sardinia, from where shuttle buses run to the beach. It is also possible to rent a car.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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The beach is very popular among families with children, youth, and there are persons of riper years. This is because here is the warmest and most calm sea, and the picturesque outskirts and infrastructure complement the picture.

La Pelosa has absolutely everything for rest and leisure on the coastline:

  • cafes and bars;
  • the rental of sunbeds and parasols;
  • fresh water;
  • showers:
  • changing cabins;
  • spacious parking lot.

IT is possible to stay both in hotels, located near the coastline, and in the city of Stintino. There are rarely places on the coastline in season, but it is not worth despairing. In the city of Stintino there are decent hotels with sea view, not far from the center. It is possible to rent a villa or guest house.

The best accommodation options in Stintino:

  1. Casa Mare Caposchiera - guest house with view of the coastline. Comfortable rooms, all facilities.
  2. Villa Ginepri - guest house, near the beach of Pelosa.
  3.  Park Hotel Asinara - hotel with a picturesque garden, comfortable rooms, 10 minutes to the city center.
  4.  Casa La Pelosa Beach - guest house with garden view, excellent infrastructure, 10 minutes to the beach.

It is possible to have lunch or dinner on the sea coast. Numerous cafes and restaurants offer amazing cuisine, delicious white wine, delicious desserts, pizza, spaghetti, seafood and fish dishes. Among the activities, active sports, beach soccer and volleyball, paragliding, boat trips are popular. .

It is possible to rent:

  • diving equipment;
  • sports equipment for active games;
  • yacht or boat;
  • scooter;
  • bicycle.

For divers there is freedom, an amazing underwater world and crystal pure water are guaranteed.

Weather in La Pelosa

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Useful information

The beach is ideal for rest with children. There are no wind, strong waves, soft sand and convenient entry into the sea. There are playgrounds for games on the coast, it is possible to organize an excursion to the islands by renting a boat. Be sure to taste the white wine, scuba dive and visit the reserve on the island of Asinara, where juniper, myrtle grows.

If you are bored of the beach on one of the days of rest, you should visit the 18 meter high tower, which was built by the Aragonese in the 16th century. It is a symbol of Stintino and the beaches of La Pelosa and Pelosetta.

La Pelosa Beach is a wonder of the world in Sardinia and a truly heavenly spot, that you will never want to leave.

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43 place in rating Europe 12 place in rating Italy 5 place in rating Sardinia 3 place in rating Porto Torres 8 place in rating The beaches in Italy with white sand 3 place in rating The best white sand beaches in Europe 1 place in rating White sand beaches of Sardinia
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