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The coastline of Pevero consists of two beaches - Piccolo and Grande Pevero. A stunningly beautiful corner of the planet Earth and the Costa Smeralda. The coastline is ideal for a comfortable rest on the snow-white sand, washed by azure water. The beach is popular with tourists from all over the world, who have ever heard about the Costa Smeralda.

Beach description

The coastline stretches just 3 km from Porto Cervo. The azure sea, white sand, brutal cliffs and reef thickets. Cliffs will not interfere with swimmers, they only complement the picturesque picture of a heavenly spot. The beach was created for the rest of young tourists, those, who have recently learned to swim, and, of course, there is a place for active pastime.

The beach is divided into two parts: Grande Pevero and Piccolo. Grande Pevero is about 300 meters long. It offers stunning views of the bay, it is possible to see moored yachts. And just 600 meters from the beach there is the world-famous Pevero Golf Club. Many world-famous golfers perfected their skills here. if desired and the availability of extra money, it is possible to try yourself in this sport. The shape of the beach of Grande Pevero resembles a crescent, made of white sand. The beach is popular with family people, youth and celebrities. In addition to relaxing rest on a sand, tourists can walk around the outskirts. Fragrant flowers, juniper, formidable rocks - all this will not leave anyone unfazed, especially those, who like to be alone with nature. Near the beach there is Patima pond.

Piccolo Pevero is a continuation of the Grande Pevero. A small area of beach, just 120 meters with a pleasant sand by touch. Stunning views of the Li Nibani Islands open from the coastline.

It’s not difficult to get to Pevero Beach, but public transport runs rarely. If rent a car, then it is necessary to move south on the SP59 highway from Porto Cervo, the final stop is Pero Bay. There is a large and convenient parking lot, only 50 meters to the beach. Favorable time for visiting is July and August. Despite the fact, that there will be many people. Stormy fun reigns on the coastline at this time 24 hours a day.

When is it better to go

In terms of climate, the period from May to October is the most favorable for visiting Italy. The air and water temperature becomes ideal for a classic beach holiday, followed by a trip to the coast of Italy. However, it is necessary to remember that a long summer with the scorching sun, warm sea and pleasant sea breeze attracts crowds of tourists.

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On the coast of Pevero there is all the infrastructure for a pleasant beach rest. There are rental centers of loungers and parasols, showers, fresh water and changing cabins.

It is possible to stay in Porto Cervo or on the coastline. It’s difficult to find a place in the season, but not only hotels are available for choice, but also local villas, guest houses.

Hotels in Porto Cervo:

  1.  Cala Di Volpe a Luxury Collection Hotel - comfortable rooms, pool, restaurant, free parking lot, rental of diving equipment.
  2.  Pitrizza a Luxury Collection Hotel - great place for families with children. Pool, restaurant, picturesque views from the rooms, terrace.
  3.  Colonna Pevero Hotel - located on the coastline of Pevero. Comfortable rooms, 3 km from Porto Cervo, stunning view of the emerald coastline.

On the coastline of Pevero it flickers before eyes of the number of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. But it is worth remembering, that some establishments overstate the price tag in the season. For lunch, you will be served excellent pizza, seafood soup or fresh lobster. Be sure to taste the white wines and local desserts.

Diving, boat and yacht trips are popular, it is also possible to rent a scooter or paraglide. Divers will appreciate deservedly the underwater world, coral reefs and crevices in the rocks, small underwater grottoes.

Weather in Pevero

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Cala Di Volpe a Luxury Collection Hotel
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Romazzino a Luxury Collection Hotel
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Colonna Pevero Hotel
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Useful information

The beach is comfortable for rest with little swimmers. Calm weather, small waves and soft sand. Lots of shallow baths, where children can gambol hours long. There are playgrounds and cafes with a children's menu.

Pevero Beach is an opportunity to make all your dreams come true. Here you can cleave the azure surface on a yacht, enjoy a rest on a snow-white coast or subdue the underwater world. Whatever tourists choose, the rest will be at the highest level, and the feeling of limitless happiness will not leave for a long time. After all, this emerald coastline is simply created in order to be happy.

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