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Kalamitsa Beach is located in the suburbs of Kavala, which is why there are always plenty of tourists on it. Convenient transportation, proximity to hotels, developed beach infrastructure ... Indeed, why else go somewhere if you can stay in a colorful and comfortable town and walk every day to the beach on foot? If you agree - you definitely do not need to rent a car, because Kalamitsa is a real youth paradise. A rich day's rest is not worse than the stormy nightlife – you can have fun here around the clock, and we recommend you to do it.

Beach description

The territory on this site is a pebble beach 800 meters long and 25 meters wide. The pebbles are quite small, so in some places it is mentioned that Kalamica is a sandy beach. The sea is small and calm, so Kalamica is an excellent choice for beach holidays with children. But consider the fact that it is often quite noisy and crowded on the beach. Sure thing! After all, the greater percentage of holidaymakers is young people, whose rest is necessarily accompanied by laughter, loud music, jokes and fun.

The beach in this area is protected by rocks from wind and waves, so it will also be an excellent place for those who do not confidently stay on the water. Also on the beach the nature itself created ideal conditions for sunbathing, picnic by the sea, or sports games on the sand.

The beach has a benefit location. It takes a long time to get there: You can get there very fast by buses № 4,5 and 8 from Kavalla. There are also buses from Thessaloniki. Who does not plan to order drinks in local bars (and there are a lot of them here, keep in mind) – can come here by rented car. The route is quite comfortable, and the beach has parking.

When is the best time to go?

Greece - a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on the place where you are going. The holiday season  begins in May and reaches a peak in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern islands reaches 40 degrees, which may still not play a role on the beach, but certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is the end of spring-beginning of summer or September-October. 

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The cleanliness of the beach is marked with the Blue Flag. On its territory you can rent sun loungers, African-style parasols and even tents. Also, vacationers can use changing cabins, a shower and a toilet.

By the number of catering points on the beach, Kalamitsa beach can be considered almost a record holder among Greek beaches. On its territory are open (some the whole day and night):

  • taverns offering national Greek cuisine;
  • snack bars;
  • the cafe;
  • bistro;
  • night bars and discos.

For those who love to not only swim and eat on the beach, the local service offers a huge variety of water attractions.

You can stay close to the beach in the hotel Lucy Hotel.

Weather in Kalamitsa

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Useful information

  1. The beach season on this coast lasts from May to October, but most tourists note that the best times to visit Kalamitsa are late spring and early autumn. It is during these periods that you can avoid the heat and crowds if you prefer a more relaxed and measured rest.
  2. In the harbor near the beach, you can rent a yacht for a charter or sightseeing flight through the Aegean Sea.
  3. Kavala is an ancient city with a rich history. Be sure to visit such sights as the Byzantine fortress, Imaret, the aqueduct of Kamares, the church of St. Lydia.

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