The best beaches in Zakynthos Island (Zakynthos)

TOP 20: Rating of the best beaches of Zante Island (Zakynthos)

A tiny, but very romantic and cozy island attracts with its magnificent nature, mild climate, beaches with well-developed infrastructure. Visitors are trying to overtake each other, making panoramic shots from the upper platform above Navagio Bay. The natural color of the water near the Blue Caves seems unnatural, so much of intense ultramarine it has. On the rocky shores, you will be deliciously served and treated with excellent wine. In the Middle Ages, Zakynthos belonged to the Venetian Republic, so many historical monuments of that era remained on the island. Below you will find a list of Zakynthos beaches where you can spend your best vacation.

TOP 20: Rating of the best beaches of Zante Island (Zakynthos)

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