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Campia Beach (Praia do Campeche) is one of the best holiday destinations in Brazil. In Santa Catarina, he occupies a leading position in the ratings of the tourism sector and is in the top 5 famous resorts. Archaeological sites, the gentle sun, kilometers of sand and clear water leave an indelible impression on the island. Therefore, having come here once, you want to come back again and again, which is what most tourists do, because the territory of the resort only gets better every year.

Beach description

The picturesque beach is located on the coast of Santa Catarina in the southern part of Florianopolis. Holidays in such a beautiful place can not be spoiled even by pretty big waves, because of which it is often difficult to swim. In nice and windless weather there're plenty of people on the beach, but there aren't many parking spaces. That's why, for those who want to relax on the sandy and clean shore, it's better to arrive to the beach early. Based on the weather conditions, for a holiday in Florianopolis it's better to choose the period from mid-December to May, as the water at this time is much warmer. Here you can find both married couples with children who like to splash around in the shore waves and single holidaymakers who prefer to spend their time in peace.

Swimming with children is sometimes unsafe, but there are always lifeguards on the beach, so it's unlikely that anything will spoil the dream vacation. You can see divers and lovers of ecotourism here, as in the area of the beach, which was formed among the rocks and hills, contains a rich ecosystem and archeological natural monuments. The best way to get to the beach is by city bus, which runs between neighboring cities and beaches. To go on a trip around the island, you can rent a car, because a very convenient parking lot is provided on the beach.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Brazil – is in spring and autumn. During this period, mild and dry weather reigns here. In winter, there is heat and heavy rains. And in the summer (from June to August) the lowest temperatures are recorded in the country.

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Praia do Campeche has a rather convenient location, besides this, tourists from all over the world are attracted by the unique nature and archaeological heritage of the island, so the infrastructure here is well developed. There are several restaurants on the beach where visitors can taste both local seafood and familiar, home-made dishes. The island has a well-developed food assortment, you can visit popular bakeries, large and small shops with food for purchasing snacks to the hotel. At the same time, accommodation in the beach area is available to every tourist, local hotels and hostels offer a diverse number of rooms, designed for any budget. For example, Pousada Ilha Faceira, is a wonderful and comfortable guest house, which is located close to the international airport. The comfortable rooms are equipped with everything necessary, there are several pools, a picturesque and colorful garden, in addition, food and service are organized at the highest level.

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Pousada Marina do Sol Florianopolis
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Pousada Old Beach
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Pousada Vento Sul Florianopolis
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Useful information

A visit to the beach is often included in the island's popular sightseeing tours, which, in addition to the services of a professional guide, include a sea cruise to local attractions. Among the vacationers on the beach there are a lot of surfers and kitesurfers, since the beach is the best option for water sports. In the New Year's time, the beach is especially popular, at this time there is always a lot of people here, noisy and fun.

For those who visit the beach in the summer, they organize a religious holiday, the Day of the Holly Spirit. A folklore celebration takes place in July, the celebration is accompanied by dances, songs, fireworks and a parade. Due to the natural landscape, the beach is beautiful both in summer and in winter: hiking in the rainforest, boating on the ocean, sunbathing or outdoor activities on the water. At Praia do Campeche there is always something to do for absolutely every tourists.

The beach participates in ratings:

29 place in rating South America 66 place in rating TOP-100 of the best beaches in the world 3 place in rating Brazil
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