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Crystal clear water, white sand and an ocean of emerald shade... Lopez Mendes is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil and offers a wild vacation, away from noisy restaurants and nightclubs. This is a place of absolute peace and tranquility: screaming seagulls, foamy waves and two majestic (Morro dos Castelhanos and Morro do Ferreira) inaccessible hills around the edges have the opportunity to rush here for the whole day with family and have a picnic on the shore of the stormy ocean.

Beach description

Lopes Mendes Beach is 3 km of very clean and fine sand and crystal clear water. It's suitable for both active recreation and family holidays. The waves on this section are pretty rough – it's just the place for surfers to get their adrenalin. But the good thing about this beach is that it has shallow points where it will be comfortable to swim and even recreate with children.

This heavenly place is known for its calm atmosphere in terms of tourist crowds, but not in terms of weather conditions. The winds on Lopes Mendes Beach are very strong, and they blow all year round. During the rainy season, of course, they get stronger, so that swimming in general becomes very difficult and even dangerous. You should keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on the shore, and if you're not vacationing with a group, you can end up alone on the beach. So you should be extremely careful in the water and don't swim far.

This is an almost deserted beach – not many people get here, as it is located in a secluded and hard to reach place on the island of Ilha Grande. You can take an enclosed water taxi from Vila do Abraao to get directly to the beach. This trip will take about an hour. There are also hiking trails – this is an option for those who want to feel like Robinson, going through the jungle for hours.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Brazil – is in spring and autumn. During this period, mild and dry weather reigns here. In winter, there is heat and heavy rains. And in the summer (from June to August) the lowest temperatures are recorded in the country.

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The beach is "wild", there is no signs of human activity on it, which makes it even more attractive. There are no kiosks, no bars, no restaurants, not to mention nightclubs. If you would ask about sun loungers and tents, they are also absent. But since Lopes Mendes Beach is surrounded by almond trees, their big-leafed crowns create a wide strip of natural shade.

As far as entertainment is concerned, this place is great for surfing and water skiing. However, there are no rental companies on the beach, however those companies that organize water excursions to the beach, can offer you to rent everything you need.

There is no places to stay at night near to the beach. The nearest village (Abrau) is located in 6 kilometers away. Here you can stay at local guest houses. But it’s such a wilderness that it’s better to take a water taxi to Vila do Abraau and settle in the room of any hostel. For example, Che Lagarto Hostel Ilha Grande.

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Useful information

  1. Ilha Grande Island is a nature reserve. You can get to it only by water. Helicopters, planes do not fly here. And since the flora and fauna of the province is under protection, there are no cars either. Perhaps there are two or three service beads of local hotels.
  2. If you go to explore the island of Pesha – find out the weather forecast. The fact is that the paths are clay, so they are very eroded during rains. If they promise rain, you can bog down or get lost at all, because in some places the road disappears.
  3. If you are interested in attractions near the beach, then it is only one and is located not far from the left bank. This is an ancient chapel known as the chapel of St. Benedict. The spectacle is colorful, because the building has an abandoned look and creates the impression that it is associated with many legends and traditions.
  4. To visit the beach, it is better to stock up on food and put on sneakers or comfortable sandals. The beach is flat, without dangerous stones and branches, but whether water travel, then hiking is better done in comfortable shoes.

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