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The beach is the coastline of Santos, not far from São Paulo. It is here at the weekend that the residents of the metropolis, tired of the frantic rhythm, come for a vacation. In its scale, popularity and “built up” with fashionable high-rise hotels, it resembles Copacabana in Rio, but without such a component as a rich and sometimes dangerous nightlife. Noisy and drunk companies for many, on the contrary, are a minus, so Santos beach is calmer in this regard.

Beach description

The city of Santos is a major port and an important transportation hub on the way to Sao Paulo – it's even called the main sea gate of Brazil. That's why there won't be any problems with how to get to the beach of the same name. The distance to it from the Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport is 120 km. You can take a taxi from here for 250 reais or a Cometa regular bus from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The second way will get you to Sao Paulo or Santos for 22 reais. The ride will take about 2 hours. You can buy a ticket in the ticket window of Terminal 1, which is located on the arrival floor. Buses to Santos run from the Sao Paulo bus station all day long, costing 20 reais.

The beach is sandy – with a flat shore and bottom. Sand may seem dirty because of its grey shade, but this is its natural color – that's what makes it so special. Holidaymakers move around the beach barefoot – there are no sharp stones or sticks here, the beach is regularly cleaned. There are both deep and shallow water areas here. Entry into the sea is gentle and long, the depth starts far from the shore.

As for waves and wind, Santos Beach is a surfing paradise. The long and high waves reach the shore, but due to the fact that the beach area is wide and spacious – even children are splashing at the edge of the water, not going far ahead. In general, the beach is popular with the most diverse crowd – lovers of water sports, young families, noisy companies of teenagers, elderly couples and singles “on the hunt” who are looking for new acquaintances. At the same time, a foreigner is rarely seen here – mostly the locals come here, so the chances of you being fooled as a newcomer are much lower than anywhere else on the beaches near Rio de Janeiro.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Brazil – is in spring and autumn. During this period, mild and dry weather reigns here. In winter, there is heat and heavy rains. And in the summer (from June to August) the lowest temperatures are recorded in the country.

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Despite the fact that Santos Beach is located within the city, the beach is quite green and clean. It is separated from the sidewalk and the highway by the green strip of the seaside park, which stretches for 4 miles. In the Guinness Book of Records, it is listed as the longest city park, stretching along the beach. There are benches, flower beds and real masterpieces of landscape art, paths for pedestrians and cyclists, exercise machines and even an unleavened shower for those who swim in the ocean.

On the beach area in its eastern part there is a special area for surfers, which can be found by the characteristic monument, symbolizing a red wave. Everything here is dedicated to this sport - a museum, a platform for spectators, a school for beginners, specialty shops. Not far from this place, in the literal sense of the word, other extreme sportsmen-paragliders land. Their flight begins from a 180-meter cliff on the border of Santos and San Vicente, where the cable car leads. You can also go down from there using a hang glider, but in this case the landing area is limited to one of the beaches of San Vicente (a nearby town). For those who prefer beach sports, gates and nets for volleyball and football are stretched on Santos

In general, the beach infrastructure is very well developed - there is food and entertainment for every taste. Sun loungers, parasols, beer and cocktails on the beach, free showers and toilets, fashionable restaurants and beach bars with light snacks, hotels of different ratings... so everybody will find an option according to his or her own budget. A nice location and a wide range of services offers the resort complex Parque Balneário.

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Useful information

  1. Santos is a city founded in the XVI century, which has always played an important role in the economy of Brazil. Therefore, there are many historical and architectural monuments, as well as many museums and ancient churches. This is an ideal place to relax the soul and body – in between swimming and sunbathing, take the time to enrich yourself culturally.
  2. The Museum of Fisheries is located at the end of the eastern edge of the beach, where it narrows sharply and ends with the park. It occupies a palace formerly owned by the Maritime Academy. Earlier, the main fort was located here, protecting the entrance to the port bay. The museum displays stuffed animals of various commercial fish, giant squids and other wonders, but the highlight of the exposition is the 23-meter whale skeleton.
  3. Both children and adults will be interested in visiting the city Aquarium. It is quite large: sharks, stingrays, moray eels and other conspicuous inhabitants of the see swim in it. Penguins and seals are housed in a separate room. The world of the freshwater kingdom is represented by catfish, huge flat tambacas, unfriendly piranhas, etc. At the same time, it is well decorated and offers inexpensive tickets worth 5 reais, or about 75 rubles.
  4. "Feature" of the excursion program in Santos will be the former Coffee Exchange, which is now the Coffee Museum. Previously, the main auctions for wholesale deliveries of this product took place here, but now a very modest thematic exhibition is presented here. It is "revived" by the existing cafeteria, where you can buy both a ready-made drink with a variety of pastries, and grain by weight. The architecture and the height of the building deserve special attention. After the restoration, a new life was breathed into it, so it still deserves a visit.

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