Halikounas beach

Halikonas Beach (as its continuation - Issos Beach) separates Lake Korission and the Ionian Sea and has a long elongated shape.

Beach description

Halikounas is a sandy plat with large heavy sand. The sand doesn't make the water dirty, leaving it crystal clear. The beach is marked with a Blue Flag proudly presented over the golden sands.

This wild shore is a truly untouched Eden of Greek land, where one can enjoy calmness and solitude. You can walk for hours and meet nobody while enjoying the clean air and warm waves.

A bit about waves. Thanks to the stably high waves and strong winds kitesurfers and windsurfers like this place, but there are no rental stores with necessary equipment on the beach. You'll have to take care of it yourself. Food and beverages you prepare beforehand will also be handy, as there are only a couple of bars here without varied menus. You can only get here by rented car or taxi.

When is the best time to go?

Greece - a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on the place where you are going. The holiday season  begins in May and reaches a peak in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern islands reaches 40 degrees, which may still not play a role on the beach, but certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is the end of spring-beginning of summer or September-October. 

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